Housing Update for Returning Students

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For the 2020-21 academic year, the following now applies:

The second-year live-in requirement is suspended for 2020-2021. If this requirement applies to you, you no longer need to petition to live off-campus next year. This includes anyone whose petition was previously denied or is still pending.

If you have an active housing application for 2020-2021 (which should be the case for everyone receiving this e-mail), we are asking for voluntary cancellations. To cancel your application for the upcoming academic year, please fill out this cancellation form.

If you cancel your application, we will refund your $500 housing reservation payment (if applicable).

If you qualified for a Chapman Housing Grant on your financial aid package, you will be allowed to keep this grant money on your aid package (up to $1,500) even if you do not live in Chapman housing for the upcoming year. This is a one-time exception this year and will not be available for future years.

Once we receive your cancellation, you will no longer have an active housing application for 2020-2021. If you change your mind, you will be added to a late applicant list, and you will not be offered housing until every student with an active application has selected a room for next year. Please do not cancel until you are confident you have housing off-campus.

We will continue to take voluntary cancellations under this policy until we start the Panther Housing Selection process (dates yet to be determined).

Ideally, voluntary cancellations will bring our current demand to the level that we can meet this fall. However, if necessary, we may need to evaluate remaining applications based on various criteria (including but not limited to proximity of home address to Orange, financial need, class standing, etc.) to determine who we can accommodate in housing this fall.

We will provide more information if we need to take this action – there is no need or benefit to contacting us now about this possibility because we will not know more until we have given adequate time to assess what level of voluntary cancellations we receive. We will continue to communicate regularly about the housing situation for the fall so you have time to plan. If you choose to live off-campus, I encourage you to start by checking out the off-campus rental listings database.

There are currently many great local off-campus listings. We are also working to expand options continuously by contacting more local rental properties to solicit more postings.