Message from Dean Hill – Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

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The following communication was sent from Dean Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Janeen Hill to returning Crean graduate students on August 11, 2020.  

Welcome to the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year!  I am particularly enthusiastic about fall term because your online teaching/learning experiences will be enhanced and because many of you will be taking essential labs at Rinker during fall term.  Over the summer, the University invested in advanced technologies and faculty development to support online teaching.  Additionally, the state mandate to educate healthcare professionals means the Rinker campus is allowed to offer essential labs to students in physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and communication sciences and disorders.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our lives.  Returning students will see how this pandemic has altered the Rinker campus. New students will be introduced to policies and procedures designed to promote public health and informed by guidelines from California Public Health, Orange County Public Health, California’s Roadmap to Recovery, Centers for Disease Control, and CU Safely Back:  Chapman’s Plan for Returning to Campus.

It is critically important that each of you reads and assimilates the following important information.  I hope this communication relieves uncertainties you may have as you prepare for fall trimester and demonstrates the careful and collaborative planning Chapman University, the Crean College Dean’s Office, and the department chairs, faculty, and staff of Physical Therapy, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Physician Assistant Studies have undertaken throughout the summer.

  1. All graduate students, except DPT Class of 2023F (more specific information will be provided by Chair of DPT) are expected to be available to participate in on-campus essential labs and learning experiences and clinical rotations beginning fall 2020 academic year.   In addition, to ensure robust hands-on learning, your programs may schedule periodically extra OSCEs, labs, faculty-led practice sessions, and other hands-on experiences on Saturdays, Sundays, or Friday evenings.  You must be available to participate.  Thus, students who moved away from the area to take spring and summer courses remotely must be in the area for fall.
  2. Students will not have card key access to 9401 or 9501 buildings and to any spaces therein.  Access to buildings and spaces will be via check-in (described below) and limited to the time and day of a scheduled on-campus essential lab.
  3. All Crean students will only have access to 9501 Jeronimo except for a limited number of CSD students who are approved to work in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Learning Lab in 9401 Jeronimo.
  4. Lockers, study rooms, classrooms, anatomy lab (except for instruction), group study spaces, lounge areas, and conference rooms will NOT be available fall 2020.
  5. Club meetings, group studying, advising and mentoring will be held remotely – no on campus meetings or events.
  6. All students are expected to practice the following behaviors:
    1. Each day, before coming to campus, you will complete a COVID-19 health screen.  You will be enrolled to take the health screen and provided a thermometer to take an oral temperature each morning immediately prior to completing the health screen.  Once you submit the health questionnaire, you will receive an email clearing you to be on campus or asking you to stay home.  If you come to campus, be prepared to show Public Safety officers, faculty and staff, or members of the Dean’s Office the email clearing you to be on campus.  If you are not cleared to come to campus, please follow the instructions accompanying the “NOT CLEARED” message.
    2. The minimum standard protective personal equipment (PPE) for the Rinker campus is a face mask and shield.  These must be worn correctly at all times while you are on campus (yes, even in the parking areas) unless you are inside a lab where the standard PPE is different.  Your department will issue you a face mask and shield.
    3. Crean students will enter 9501 using the northeast side entrance (facing 9401) and will exit 9501 using any side door exit.  9501 front doors are not to be used to enter or exit the building.
    4. Entry into 9501 Jeronimo is only for the days and times your schedule shows an on-campus essential lab or you have been informed to participate in a faculty-led Saturday, Sunday or Friday evening learning activity.  You are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to the lab, show the “cleared for campus” email (see 6a), arrive wearing your PPE (see 6b), and submit to a temperature screen before entering 9501.
    5. Outside buildings and labs and inside labs you will find markers placed at 6 feet intervals.  6 feet is the physical distance between people that mitigates COVID-19 transmission.  You will be expected to maintain physical distancing at all times while on campus unless a specific lab protocol allows closer contact.  These rare instances will include other behaviors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
    6. You are expected to wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

These unprecedented times have prompted us to implement all that is outlined above.  However, these unprecedented times also require each of us to take personal responsibility for our actions.  Responsible behavior off-campus, especially wearing a face mask and practicing physical distancing, will mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Your behavior can prevent new outbreaks of this virus and save lives.  Your behavior impacts the availability of clinical sites.  Ultimately, your responsible behavior demonstrates to your colleagues, friends, and family that you possess the moral compass to be an ethical, caring healthcare provider.