Fowler Law School Return – What to Expect

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The following communication was sent from Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Nidhi Vogt to law students on September 29, 2020.  

As we anticipate the gradual reopening of Kennedy Hall on October 5th for the limited purpose of holding hybrid and in-person classes, a few important reminders:

Face coverings

Face coverings are required everywhere on campus.  Face coverings should have multiple layers of fabric, fit snugly to the sides of the face, and avoid leakage (thus, masks with valves/vents or bandanas, for example, are not appropriate).

Return to Campus Process

If you choose to return to campus, you must follow the University’s return-to-campus process for Orange Campus and only access Kennedy Hall for the limited purpose of attending hybrid or in-person classes during the class times/days designated by your faculty member.

While you don’t need to commit to attending in-person or remaining remote for the entire semester, please contact your professor if you change the method of delivery of your classes (decide to come to campus or decide to return to remote instruction) so that they can account for classroom capacities and attendance.

Kennedy Hall Entrance 

The only entrance to Kennedy Hall will be located on the back patio in front of the Bhathal Student Center. Please remember to always carry your Chapman identification card with you.  Swipe your Chapman ID card to open the automatic (no touch) sliding glass doors.  Please use other exits so the back patio doors are entrance only.  

Temperature Checks

In addition to the daily health screening you are expected to submit on days, you will access campus, Kennedy Hall will have temperature checks as an additional layer of risk reduction.  Please note these checks will be no-contact and no personal information will be collected.  They will take place in the Kennedy Hall lobby during high traffic times, so please allow some additional time for this process.  If reading is elevated, you will be asked to visit Student Health Services for an additional check.

Classroom Cleaning

While there are custodial services that will clean Kennedy Hall multiple times a day, you should wipe down your individual space before using it as an additional layer of sanitation.  For example, when you enter the classroom please take a disinfectant wipe from a wipe station and wipe down the area where you will be sitting.

Food and Drink

Because masks must be worn at all times, food cannot be consumed inside Kennedy Hall.  We understand that you may occasionally need to take a quick sip of a drink, but otherwise, masks need to be worn the entire time you are in Kennedy Hall.  Any meals will need to be eaten outside or at home.  While water fountains are disabled, the water bottle fillers are working.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

Outdoor Areas for Online Classes or Studying 

The University has outdoor spaces in tented areas around campus for online-only classes or for studying.  The tents will be lighted, cleaned, and sanitized throughout their operating hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.  No power will be available for charging devices.  For more information click here.  Tent locations, hygiene locations, and spaces with outdoor WiFi coverage can be found on this map.

Indoor Areas for Online Classes

If you are unable to be home for an online-only class because it is immediately before or after a hybrid class, and cannot sit in the tented areas outside, classrooms 237 A and B, 233, and 236 will be available.  These classrooms are not meant to be quiet study space, though students will need to use headphones in these rooms and continue to wear their face coverings.

Student Services

All student services are available remotely, however, if there is a pressing question or emergency, a Law School administrator will be available in Kennedy Hall from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday and from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm Friday in the Dean’s Suite or the Center for Student Engagement.  If after hours, please work with your faculty member or Public Safety (714-997-6763) to resolve any emergencies.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.