Undergraduate In-Person Instruction, Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

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Message from Dean of Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Janeen Hill, Ph.D.

October 12, 2020


October 19, 2020, marks another step forward to open undergraduate programs for in-person instruction.  The opening will not mean a return to campus life as it was fall 2019.  We remain in the midst of a global pandemic; we must remain vigilant and practice physical distancing, wear PPE, handwash/hand disinfect, and limit the number of faculty, staff, and students on-campus and within any enclosed space.  We continue to update our protocols using the most current information on the best ways to mitigate COVID-19.  Please stay informed and refer frequently tohttps://cusafelyback.chapman.edu/


This communication contains critical information for you to come to campus beginning October 19.  Please read this email carefully and keep it handy for reference.


Faculty and staff must complete the following steps to be approved to be on campus.  If you have not completed these steps and intend to be on campus, please begin today.

  1. Complete the COVID-19  training modules.  You can access these canvas.chapman.edu.
  2. Complete a COVID-19 test.  This test is free-of-charge and must be ordered throughwellconnectplus.com.
  3. Complete a daily COVID-19 health screening.  You will be automatically enrolled once both “a and b” above are completed.


Not all courses will be taught in-person beginning October 19.  Some will remain on-line.  If you are teaching in-person (hyperflex classes or 100% in person), please notify the students in your classes the days, times, buildings, and classrooms in which you will teach. Please notify no later than Wednesday, October 14. Your notification should remind students to wear face coverings while on campus, to maintain physical distancing, and to practice hand hygiene.


We are all committed to practicing behaviors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Please remember:


Personal Protective Gear:  Face Coverings

Face Coverings:  Must cover the nose and mouth.

Required in all indoor and outdoor areas of the Orange campus unless you are in a single-occupancy office with the door closed. Face coverings may also be removed when eating and drinking.

Face Shields:  May be required in some lab settings in addition to face coverings.

Face coverings and shields are provided free of charge.  Please work with your department assistant to obtain these.


Refer to   https://cusafelyback.chapman.edu/guidelines/  for characteristics of effective face coverings, and instructions for putting on and taking off face coverings.  Please review these with your students.


Daily Health Screen:

You must complete the daily health screening each day you will be on campus.  Only come to campus if your receive a Cleared message upon completion of the health screen.  All students are required to complete the daily health screen each day prior to coming to campus.  I encourage you to check students’ status each time they come to class.  If they cannot show a Cleared message, they must leave campus.


Physical Distancing:

Maintaining 6 feet between you and others is required.  The 6 foot rule applies to students  Six-foot intervals are identified by a Peter the Panther paw. https://cusafelyback.chapman.edu/guidelines/


Hand Washing/Disinfecting:

Refer to https://cusafelyback.chapman.edu/guidelines/  for hand washing and disinfecting guidelines.  Please review these with students.


Teaching spaces (classrooms, labs, conference rooms) and offices are deep-cleaned twice daily, before 7:30am and after the last scheduled class.  Throughout the day, students and faculty are expected to wipe down their areas with CU-supplied disinfecting wipes before and after class.  Facilities will provide disinfecting wipes to teaching spaces.


Meetings, events, advising, gatherings:

Orange campus is open only for teaching and research.  Advising, club meetings and activities, departmental and college meetings, events will remain on-line.  Rarely will advising with the Career Advisor by allowed in-person,


Campus, Building, and Room Access:

Crean Hall

Crean Hall front doors will be unlocked Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.  Only faculty and staff with approved card key access will be allowed in Crean Hall before 7:30am, after 5:30pm, and on weekends.


Entry into Crean Hall is only through the main doors on Palm.  Exit from Crean Hall is only from the back doors leading to the parking lot.  The exception will be for those requiring handicap parking.  They will enter and exit Crean Hall from the parking lot.


Classrooms, Lunch room, Conference Rooms, Study Rooms

Crean Hall classrooms, conference rooms, study rooms, and lunch room are locked.  Only approved faculty and staff will have card key access to classrooms and conference rooms.  No one has access to the break room.


Student Spaces

Studying and Eating

Some students may need to be on campus for full days.  Their schedules may include a mix of in-person and online lectures with time gaps between.  Students may study in designated open air tents, marked spaced in the Crean atrium, and marked spaces at the outside picnic tables between Crean and Von Neumann Halls.

In the designated study and eating areas students are expected to practice physical distancing and to wear PPE except when eating. Students are expected to wipe down the table and chair surfaces before and after use with available disinfectant wipes.


Common Spaces

Microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, and water dispensers are unavailable for use.  You and your students will need to bring bottled water and non-perishable meals and snacks.

I am looking forward to seeing you next week.  Your continued efforts to practice behaviors shown to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 will keep our students and each other safe.  With continued diligence, we hope to offer more in-person instruction the spring semester.  With lack of diligence, we may be asked to return to a more restrictive environment in Orange.