California Governor’s Guidance For Returning to In-Person Instruction in Fall 2021

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With the anticipated return to fully in-person instruction in Fall 2021, we are sharing the following guidance from Gov. Newsom’s office and the California Department of Public Health.

From the April 6, 2021 Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy memo, the following is relevant for Chapman University campus community:

On June 15, all industries across the state can return to usual operations with common-sense risk reduction measures such as masking and vaccinations.

In addition, the memo states:

Schools and institutions of higher education should conduct full-time, in person instruction, in compliance with Cal/OSHA emergency temporary standards and public health guidelines.

For additional reference, the Cal/OSHA emergency temporary standards specifies the following:

(6) Physical distancing.

(A) All employees shall be separated from other persons by at least six feet, except where an employer can demonstrate that six feet of separation is not possible, and except for momentary exposure while persons are in movement. Methods of physical distancing include: telework or other remote work arrangements; reducing the number of persons in an area at one time, including visitors; visual cues such as signs and floor markings to indicate where employees and others should be located or their direction and path of travel; staggered arrival, departure, work, and break times; and adjusted work processes or procedures, such as reducing production speed, to allow greater distance between employees.

(B) When it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least six feet, individuals shall be as far apart as possible.

(7) Face coverings.

(A) Employers shall provide face coverings and ensure they are worn by employees over the nose and mouth when indoors, when outdoors and less than six feet away from another person, and where required by orders from the CDPH or local health department. Employers shall ensure face coverings are clean and undamaged. Face shields are not a replacement for face coverings, although they may be worn together for additional protection. The following are exceptions to the face coverings requirement:

1. When an employee is alone in a room.
2. While eating and drinking at the workplace, provided employees are at least six feet apart and outside air supply to the area, if indoors, has been maximized to the extent possible.
3. Employees wearing respiratory protection in accordance with section 5144 or other title 8 safety orders.
4. Employees who cannot wear face coverings due to a medical or mental health condition or disability, or who are hearing-impaired or communicating with a hearing-impaired person.
5. Specific tasks which cannot feasibly be performed with a face covering. This exception is limited to the time period in which such tasks are actually being performed, and the unmasked employee shall be at least six feet away from all other persons unless unmasked employees are tested at least twice weekly for COVID-19.