Chapman joins action challenging Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rule

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On Monday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a new temporary final rule that prohibits international students from returning to or remaining in the United States this fall if the colleges they attend adopt online-only instruction models amid the pandemic.

While our plan is to run hybrid or in-person programs for this fall—allowing our international students already in the country to remain—we must act to protect international students. As a member of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, I have joined an amicus brief in support of Harvard and MIT’s suit challenging the rule. We are actively engaged in this action to support international students across the country so they can continue their studies without the threat of deportation.

In the meantime, we are working with Chapman international students to provide the support they need. We are providing in-person, online and hybrid courses that will allow students to remain on campus. We will work individually with each student as needed to assist them in course registration that allows them to remain in the country while appropriately advancing their degree requirements. However, we are approaching our return to campus in the fall with caution knowing we will need approval from state and local authorities to be in-person. If that approval does not come and we are required to be fully remote, our international students may be forced to leave the United States or transfer to another school. Many will face travel restrictions when attempting to go to their home country, others will face financial challenges due to the expense of travel. All will face unnecessary hardship and stress during an already challenging time. We hope that there will be changes as these rules are finalized.

This unnecessary hardship on our students is unacceptable and we enthusiastically seek to join efforts to prevent this new rule from being enforced. As a former international student myself, my heart skipped a beat when I read of the new Homeland Security guidance. I thought back at my years at the University of Maryland, College Park, and if something like this had happened then I would have been devastated; therefore, I cannot stand by and allow our students to be put at risk.