CLEAR Status Message Examples for Daily Symptom Screening Checks

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In accordance with our Daily Symptom Screening guidelines, anyone attempting to access campus must present the proper  CLEAR messages when asked by a Chapman employee or representative.

Please be advised that students, faculty and staff are required to use the Daily Health Screen survey to obtain your daily CLEAR message that is sent to your Chapman email account. The alternative, only if the email is not readily available or action was taken to gain approved access to campus after the Daily Health Screen survey was sent, is to access clearance from QR codes are posted on campus to make access to the easier.

Chapman students, faculty and staff are not to use the Visitor QR codes, also posted on campus. The CLEAR message obtained for visitors looks different than the required message for the Chapman community — visitor CLEAR messages do not contain the visitor’s name like student/faculty/staff messages do. See examples below.

In order to access a campus facility, the proper clear message will be checked at the entrance and/or in the classroom for students. The faculty also receive a daily list of students who are not approved to enter class. In the event a CLEAR message is not checked at the entrance to building that holds classrooms, faculty should request to see the CLEAR for any student who appears on their daily list. It is possible that a student gains approval to access class after the daily list is sent, therefore, a faculty member should verify a proper CLEAR message is presented with the student’s name and current date.

The first two samples are the only proper CLEAR messages for a faculty, staff or student. 

If the screening was completed via the link emailed to their email account:  

If the screening was completed by visiting the AmIClear website


The below example is ONLY FOR VISITORS to campus who have completed the Visitor Daily Health Screening. 

Visitor clearances have NO name listed in the message; this is how a viewer can tell them apart from faculty/student/staff clear messages. Persons using Visitor clearances do not have permission to attend classes. Students are not to use Visitor clearances to access class. Faculty should not​ admit students to class if the clear message doesn’t include the student’s name; such students should be referred to the Health Center for assistance. 

screenshot of covid clear message