Community and Visitor Guidelines: On and Off Campus

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On-Campus Visits

While all non-essential visits to campus are strongly discouraged until we have approval from state and local health agencies, we realize some visits are necessary. Visitors whose physical presence is required on campus will be asked to follow the established guidelines based on CDC recommendations as well as federal, state and local guidelines. Compliance by visitors with the university’s COVID-19 policies and procedures is also required.

Mandatory protocols include face coverings, social distancing and regular hand washing. More information can be found on the Community and Visitor Guidance page.

  • All visits to campus must be coordinated with the appropriate Chapman host with as much advance notice as possible.
  • The host is responsible for working with Public Safety to coordinate the visit.
  • This guidance also applies to Chapman employees who must make visits for university business.

Off-Campus Meetings

Chapman employees who will be conducting meetings off-campus or in the community for official Chapman business must follow the same guidelines and recommended standards advocated for health and safety.

Even when not on campus, as representatives of the university we want to be sure we are practicing behaviors that will help protect the welfare of all those with whom we come into contact, including our neighbors, friends, students, staff, faculty and other members of the Chapman Family.