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COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) has announced that education joins the active sectors now eligible to be vaccinated. This is based on California Department of Public Health guidelines that increased eligibility to persons at risk of occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2 through their work in any role in the Education and Child Care settings, including “All staff in colleges, universities, junior colleges, community colleges, and other postsecondary education facilities” and “All staff in educational support services and administration.” This includes Chapman student employees.

We continue to work with OCHCA on securing our own supply, however, we do not have final information yet on when that could happen. If we do get a supply, it will be very limited so we encourage you to rely on local vaccination sites in Southern California.

Chapman University is not requiring a vaccination to return to campus, however, we strongly encourage it.

Important Information on the Vaccination Process

According to information in California’s official COVID-19 vaccination system’s virtual assistant (“What should I bring?” under “Registration & Scheduling”), as proof of vaccine eligibility based on employment, you must present a valid state or federally issued ID card as well as “An employer-issued ID card with picture, professional license, or written proof of employment on official company letterhead.” Orange County vaccination locations also accept an employment paystub with printed name or a standard business card with their name and address.

There is some inconsistency among vaccination sites in what is being requested at the time of an appointment. We suggest you bring multiple forms of identification and verification of your Chapman employment to expedite the process. We are told that a paystub seems to be the preferred verification method at most vaccination sites.

For expediency, as a Chapman University employee, we encourage you to use your Chapman ID and paystub as proof of employment once your county is actively vaccinating Phase 1B, Tier 1. However, if you prefer to request a written proof of employment, a.k.a. a verification of employment (VOE) letter, please do so by emailing and allowing up to three business days.  

As vaccine availability and processes change frequently, we strongly encourage you to review your county’s vaccination plans and to prepare ahead of time. For more information on neighboring counties’ COVID-19 vaccination plans, current status and documentation requirements, please click on the relevant link below.

Additional Resources

Chapman University urges all members of the Chapman community to register to receive the vaccine as soon as they are able. This effort will support recovery from the pandemic, help slow the spread of the virus and help to facilitate our return to campus and in-person operations, teaching and learning. Other sources of information that may be helpful include the following:

We urge all community members, regardless of where you are, to follow the CU Staying Healthy guidelines concerning the wearing of masks, frequent hand washing and other precautionary measures to help curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

As we have more information concerning availability of the vaccine for the Chapman community, we will post it on this website.