Facilities: CU Safely Back Facilities Order Form

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As we continue to prepare the campus for returning students, faculty and staff for the fall semester under the CU Safely Back initiative, the Facilities department is working with the different schools and departments to prepare campus buildings for a safe return.

Please note that we are working hard to procure items and will do our best to fulfill your requests. We are working to make adjustments for safety throughout the entire campus and may need to reach out to you, to suggest other effective solutions if we are unable to fulfill your initial requests. Plans may also change as we learn more about developing state and local requirements and as public health guidance evolves.

The following information will provide you with some context prior to completing the CU Safely Back Facilities Request Form, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • All individual workstations, or individuals working in the same areas as part of a team will need to be separated by at least six feet. Study areas will also need adjustments to ensure students have at least six feet between them and others. The Provost’s Office will announce specific policies about classroom occupancy and related matters.
  • Enhanced cleaning of all campus buildings will be completed on a regular basis by a professional cleaning service. Break rooms, offices, restrooms, classrooms, and other common areas will be disinfected with greater frequency than before the campus closure, though students and employees will also need to be involved in our efforts to maintain a sanitary environment.
  • Disinfectant, hand sanitizer, additional trash cans and related supplies will be available to students in all classrooms. The order form linked below will help us determine which other common areas and suites will need similar supplies.
  • All employees and students will be provided at no cost a cloth face covering. We appreciate your help in determining how many students and/or employees are in your school or unit.
  • If your department has an existing program in place that provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (for example gloves, goggles etc.), that program will stay in place and your unit should continue purchasing the normal quantity of such items. The order form linked below can be used to identify anticipated needs for additional PPE.
  • Training will be communicated and available to students, faculty and staff around the following topics, among others:
    • Proper respiratory etiquette;
    • Hand hygiene;
    • Required use of cloth face coverings when in contact with other students or employees on campus;
    • Appropriate use of cloth face coverings, including the need to launder cloth face coverings regularly;
    • What to do if they are feeling sick; and
    • How to access health care services on campus
  • Chapman University branded signage will also be posted to provide clear guidance to students, faculty, staff and visitors about how to maintain safety within each facility.
  • Signage will be posted at each entrance to Chapman University as well as at the entrance of each building and each classroom and other shared spaces.
  • Additional guidance will be provided as the CU Safely Back initiative proceeds.

With the context set forth above in mind, please click on the link below and indicate additional supplies you will need for your department’s lobby (if applicable), conference rooms, office suites, and other unique shared spaces.

Please do not focus on classrooms, as planning is already underway for these areas to be stocked with the necessary supplies for students and faculty.

Please submit only one order form per department.

Please indicate your initial supply for your unique shared spaces.  As the semester proceeds, there will be opportunities to replenish your supplies.

Thank you very much for your collaboration on this project.

Please find the order form below.