Employee Reminders and Clarifications for Return-to-Campus Plan

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Office of the Executive VIce President and Chief Operating Officer

Distributed to Faculty and Staff on January 7, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.



Faculty, Staff and Administrators-


As we head into the weekend, I want to provide some additional clarity on the policies and processes that have been announced recently. With frequent updates and changes, there is a heightened need for clarity, and our hope is to make the guidance clear before many of us return to campus on Monday, January 10.


  • While many schools are announcing an additional delay in in-person instruction, Chapman will return as planned beginning on Monday for Interterm and many Rinker programs. Fowler Law will begin as planned on Tuesday, January 18, following the observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We will continue to monitor the situation, but please plan to return as scheduled.


  • The guidelines and process for remote work accommodations under federal and state disabilities law have not changed. If the interactive process administered by the Office of Human Resources has not resulted in an official accommodation, the expectation is that you resume your on-campus schedule as planned.


  • The new mask guidance has created questions. To clarify:


    • Disposable surgical masks are acceptable and recommended. While KN95 masks are available, we have them in limited quantity and will prioritize those who have elevated risk factors.
    • The new mask requirement is in effect for all indoor facilities, unless alone in a private office with the door closed, or while actively eating or drinking.
    • Many departments are now requesting large quantities of masks be delivered. Because of the national demand for masks, we want to be pragmatic in distribution. I want to echo the earlier guidance:
      • For those who do not have medical-grade masks, Chapman will make approved disposable medical grade surgical masks and KN95 masks available on campus:
        • Medical-grade surgical masks will be available at the entrance of all classrooms
        • Residence Life will have supplies of both surgical and KN95 masks available to residential students
        • Both surgical and KN95 masks will also be available upon request at the Student Health Center and Testing Center on the Orange campus and the COVID-19 Testing Location at the Rinker campus
    • For faculty who were fitted with a specialized face shield, this is still acceptable. You must have a cloth drape attached to the bottom edge of the face shield and tucked into the shirt to minimize gaps between the face and face shield.


  • The return-to-campus two-test requirement is clearly outlined. For on-campus COVID-19 testing, no additional action is necessary. External tests should be submitted before 5 p.m. on Friday. For those who are in compliance, you will begin receiving the daily health screen email over the weekend.


Thank you and have a good weekend.