End of Year Updates for Students

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Update From President Struppa, December 18, 2020

We are approaching the end of the calendar year and the holiday season is in full swing. I want to congratulate everyone who is completing an academic term. This has certainly not been the year we hoped for, but I am amazed every day at the resilience and excellence that I see in Chapman students. Through it all, it’s the students who have kept all of us moving forward through global tragedies, national crises and local challenges. Just last week, I was touched by a gesture our students made to a beloved faculty member. A virtual thank-you to a Chapman professor turned into an internationally viral message of gratitude to all the teachers around the world who have gone above and beyond to make the best of the pandemic.

We remain hopeful that spring semester will bring the flexibility we need to offer in-person instruction. Courses are listed for registration with hybrid options and we will provide face-to-face instruction, in addition to virtual instruction, as soon as the state and local health agencies allow for it. Students have the option to remain virtual for the entire spring term, but our faculty will be on campus to give students the choice to attend in person if the course is listed as hybrid (and we’re able to by the state). There remain online-only options, therefore, students who desire in-person should register for hybrid sections. As we examine operational needs, it is possible that some courses might shift from hybrid to online. Should this happen, students who desire hybrid course instruction are encouraged to change sections where available.

As we all anxiously wait for some signs of normalcy, we remain diligent with campus protocols and have outfitted campus with safety measures that exceed CDC and local health agency guidelines so we can do our best to slow the spread of COVID-19, while also providing the best possible experience for students.

As we head into the winter break, I’d like to provide several updates on what we know for the upcoming months ahead.

  • To access any campus facilities after the winter break, a new COVID-19 test is required regardless of the recency of a negative COVID-19 test. You do not need to make an appointment for a test so please go to your designated location as soon as you are able.
    • Orange Campus: 145 Sycamore Avenue, behind the Student Health Center
      • Monday, Jan. 4 – Friday, Jan. 8 from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.). Phone number is 714-744-7877.
      • This building’s access contains two steps with no ramp. To make alternative arrangements, please call 714-628-6596 to schedule an appointment.  For your appointment, go to the Health Center through the front door (402 N Glassell St.)
    • Rinker Campus: Every Monday and Tuesday from 7:00 a.m.to 2:00 p.m.
    • Note: Campuses are closed on Jan. 18 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Rinker testing days for that week will be Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • For those who have traveled out of state, aside from the COVID-19 test, we ask that self-quarantine takes place for 10 days out of an abundance of caution.
  • Going forward, beginning on Jan. 4th, we will be moving to weekly COVID-19 testing for any individual accessing campus facilities. With access to the vaccine likely months away, we are increasing our testing capabilities to further limit the spread of the virus within our Chapman community. We believe that this is the best course of action to identify cases quickly and allow for isolation if needed. Those who need the required testing can visit the facilities designated above each week during the scheduled hours. If a test is not completed individuals will be removed from the daily survey email needed to access campus facilities.
  • Until the Orange County stay-at-home order is lifted, campus access remains limited. After the winter break, campus access will still be limited to the previously announced essential staff and students returning to Chapman housing.
  • Additional residence halls are being opened with single-occupancy housing options being made available in anticipation of a greater number of students returning to the campuses for spring term. We have started communicating additional housing assignments in residence halls. All new housing assignments will be confirmed by mid-January. With so much still unknown as COVID-19 cases surge across the country, our goal is to reduce confusion and provide as much information as it becomes available and as quickly as we’re able.
  • The Chapman University Bookstore will hold a Drive-Thru Rental Book Return event beginning Thursday, Dec. 17 and continuing through Monday, Dec. 21. This socially-distanced event is designed to assist students avoid the shipping costs of returning books.

I want to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season and hope you enjoy some much-needed down time during the winter break.