Fowler School of Law Provides Updates to Course Schedule

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The following communication was sent from Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Nidhi Vogt to returning law students on July 30, 2020.  Similar communications were sent to incoming first-year and transfer students as well.

Dear Students,

I hope you and your families are safe and well.  President Struppa has indicated that we are patiently awaiting the Governor’s guidance for higher education.  This guidance could come at any moment.  While President Struppa feels that it is unlikely that we will begin in-person instruction in August, it is important that we wait for the full guidelines before final decisions are made.  When the Governor’s guidance is released, President Struppa, and the Law School, will provide additional details on the fall semester.  We anticipate all final decisions will be made no later than August 7th.  We will remain nimble with the ultimate goal of bringing those back to campus who choose to come back while providing remote opportunities for those who choose to remain off-campus.  To be clear, students who wish to remain off campus for the fall semester may take their fall classes remotely.

With that context in mind, we have been diligently preparing for the fall semester, and I would like to share some updates about your classes.  Below, you will find information about how we intend for law classes to proceed once in-person instruction is permitted.  Please note that planning is extremely fluid during the pandemic, and there may be changes to the schedule, class format/delivery, instructors, or other matters, as we learn more about the government regulations and other policies that will affect us.  We will be sure to share updates with you as soon as we learn more.

As the University has previously outlined, we plan to offer classes in a few different formats once in-person instruction may proceed.  Some classes will be delivered online only.  A few classes will be designated as in-person only.  Many classes will be taught in a hybrid or “hyflex” format.  These are explained further below.

  • Online only classes are those classes that are delivered entirely in a remote format.  The instruction may be synchronous (all students and the professor are online at the same time) or asynchronous (students can watch a prerecorded lecture at the time of their choosing).  These classes are designated as “OO” in the course schedule.
  • In-person only classes are held in a classroom and taught by a professor.  Students will generally need to attend these classes at the scheduled time in the scheduled classroom. These classes are designated as “IP” in the course schedule.  If you would like to take an in-person class but have concerns about being on campus, please contact Dean Cianciarulo.
  • Hybrid or Hyflex classes use a blend of in-person and online instruction.  One example: if a class meets at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday, half the class might be assigned to attend on Tuesday while the other half attends on Thursday.  On days when students are not attending in-person, they would be able to stream the lecture in a simulcast or watch it later as a recording.  This way, everyone in the class can experience some in-person instruction while maintaining a safe physical distance and adhering to the university’s guidelines.  This also allows for students who do not feel comfortable coming to class to take the class entirely remotely.  These classes are designated as “HYB” in the course schedule.

Attached is a schedule of our fall classes and the format in which they are currently intended to be delivered once in-person instruction is permitted.  Please pay careful attention to class start and end times as some have been adjusted slightly.  Class times that have changed are in blue font on the schedule.  Classes will begin the week of August 17th.  Please see the Law School’s academic calendar for more details.

As a reminder, the Law School’s regular academic policies, including grading policies, are in effect for the fall semester.  As previously communicated in the spring, all conditional scholarships were extended through the fall 2020 semester, and retention determinations are deferred until the end of the fall 2020 semester.

We continue to plan for the time when we can return to campus, and Chapman is deeply committed to everyone’s health and safety.  You may learn more about the several initiatives underway to support a safe return to campus at the CU Safely Back webpage.  I will also send more information about the strategies and protocols in place to help us achieve our goal of promoting a healthy campus at a later time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  If you need assistance with your schedule, please contact the Law Registrar’s office.  All of us are happy to assist you.