Information Technology Task Force

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The “CU Safely Back” IT Support Plan establishes a framework for supporting the technology required to reopen the campus, focusing in the areas of support for teaching and learning; general IT support, and research. While the overall reopening plan considers the five established mitigation strategies, IT issues are primarily focused on the physical distancing aspect and providing support to the other fourteen task forces working to prepare Chapman for a return to campus.

Primary components of the plan focusing on Physical Distancing include:

  • To accommodate smaller class sizes and the need to have a hybrid approach to teaching, significant technology upgrades to over 100 classrooms is underway. Procurement of equipment will begin immediately; and installation of new equipment will take place in June and July.
  • To facilitate the different mode of teaching, significant faculty training has been scheduled for June, July and August, and we project that 75% of faculty will participate.
  • Provide appropriate technology in labs to allow for reduced occupancy and remote access.
  • All student actions that are currently handled on paper forms will be moved to online forms for electronic submission.
  • Additional computer equipment will be deployed to minimize “sharing” of equipment.
  • Contactless processes for delivering ID cards and equipment will be developed.
  • Contactless and remote support processes for students, faculty and staff will be continued and enhanced.