Introducing an Improved COVID-19 Dashboard

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Introducing an Improved COVID-19 Dashboard

Chapman University’s COVID-19 Task Force has implemented a revised COVID-19 Dashboard that will provide additional information that increases the accuracy of our COVID-19 case reporting within the Chapman community. The new format aligns more closely with reporting data from Orange County and state agencies, so that those in our community can better understand how Chapman’s statistics reflect infection rates in the local community. 

Details of the improved dashboard include:

  • Preliminary Case Rate Data: We have historically reported daily case rates, which had limitations due to delays in reporting or additional cases identified through contract tracing. The new dashboard will show daily new cases from the prior day, but identified as preliminary knowing it could change during the subsequent week. Preliminary data comes from positive tests in campus Testing Centers, not necessarily from confirmed cases as reported by Contact Tracing.
  • Final Metrics Based on a 7-Day Lag Time: Displays confirmed new cases reported in the previous week as a 7-day average. The rolling, 7-day lag time allows more accurate data that includes off-campus testing and diagnoses that may not be available for the daily data. 
  • Both preliminary and final metrics include the total number of new cases as well as the positivity rate. However, the preliminary data calculates the percentage of positive cases within the total number of on-campus tests during the reporting period, while the final data includes known off-site testing. 
  • The 7-Day Average Case Count graph and Daily 7 Day Average Percent Positivity graph provides a six-month overview of the final metrics statistics, further broken down by campus population segment (students, faculty, staff and others).  
  • The Total Active Cases in Isolation table shows the current known cases of COVID-19, organized by location and campus population segments. 
  • A new COVID Testing graph shows the total number of tests given, broken down by campus population segment (students, faculty, staff and others). The graph displays data for the previous six months. 

The COVID-19 Dashboard also contains potential exposure notices for the Chapman campuses, including a listing of all university facilities where potential exposure might have occurred. A link to this information is provided in the Daily Health Screening email