Limited Campus Access: Emergency Requests and Essential Status Only 

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Due to the change in campus operations from in-person to remote operations and instruction, access to campus is extremely limited. Only those previously granted access who have been notified that they are still needed on campus and those requiring approved, emergency access will be authorized to visit campus.

Previously authorized community members who retain their access to campus include:

  • A limited number of staff whose work requires campus access.
  • Faculty who wish to teach from campus classrooms.
  • Faculty who require short term access to their campus offices.
  • Students living in Chapman housing.
  • Faculty and students in those classes that were approved to meet in person before the beginning of the fall semester, and who have met for in-person classes since the beginning of the fall semester/trimester.
  • Faculty, staff and students for Phase 2 research approved by Vice President for Research Tom Piechota.

Other than these previously approved individuals, only those with emergency access requests may fill out the online request form. This form will be reviewed by the individual’s appropriate highest department head.

Please note: Those who wish to maintain campus access, must respond to the post-Thanksgiving survey which was sent via email. The survey link in the email is personalized to each user and will expire at close of business on Wednesday, November 25. Those who do not respond to the survey will have their campus access revoked. If campus access is revoked and you need to restore access, please contact the following personnel:

Also required to maintain campus access: Mandatory COVID-19 testing is required for individuals returning to campus following the Thanksgiving break, as outlined in this CU Safely back post.