Mandatory Testing Requirements and Schedule for Campus Access Following Spring Break

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Following Spring Break, on Monday, March 29, an increased number of faculty, staff and students may be returning to campus for the first time in a long while. As a reminder: weekly testing is a requirement for campus access for everyone coming to campus on an ongoing, regular basis. There are slightly different protocols for each campus group of students, faculty and staff.

All Students and Faculty

Whether or not they have been on campus previously, all students and faculty will begin receiving the daily health screening on March 29. This self-attestation asks questions regarding individual wellness and the presence of any COVID-19 symptoms.

Also, at any time during the week of March 29, all students and faculty accessing campus must be tested, either by visiting campus locations or by being tested by an outside facility and mailing the results of the test to

Students and faculty who are not tested during the week of the 29th will stop receiving the daily health screening. Please keep in mind the daily health screening and a weekly “negative” test is required to maintain campus access.

Essential Staff Already Accessing Campus

Essential staff already working on campus will continue to receive the daily health screening and should continue being tested each week that they are on campus. For example, staff taking the entire week of Spring Break off as vacation do not need to be tested that week, but may resume regular testing on or after March 29.

New Staff Accessing Campus

Staff who are coming to campus for the first time the week of March 29 need to be tested during the week of March 22. Testing will trigger the daily health screening to be sent to a staff member’s campus email. As soon as a staff member begins receiving the daily health screening they should complete it consistently, even if there are no changes to be reported. 

Also, all staff members accessing campus will be required to continue with weekly testing, either with Student Health Services or with an outside provider. Please email proof of testing to