Our Return Plan

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In-person instruction has begun as of March 29 and remains optional for students through the end of this academic year. Summer courses will also continue hyflex options, allowing students the flexibility to select in-person or remote instruction. Fall, on the other hand, will be back to Chapman-as-usual. We are currently planning for full, in-person instruction for all courses that traditionally met in that format. Fall plans are, of course, contingent on local and state health agencies’ approval, but we are optimistic we will be back in-person.

For those that have traveled outside of Southern California during Spring Break, we ask that you self-quarantine for 10 days immediately following the travel to limit any possible exposure within the Chapman community. This would require virtual instruction to continue until the completion of the self-quarantine.

As the situation with COVID-19 changes rapidly, we encourage you to visit this site regularly for new information and updates as our planning progresses.