Phase 3 of Research and Creative Activity Continuity

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From the Office of the Vice President of Research, April 2, 2021

I would like to update you on the transition of research and creative activities into Phase 3 effective April 5, 2021. The expansion into Phase 3 research and creative activities is possible due to a consistent level of compliance with Phase 1 and 2 site specific plan protocols, the transition of Orange County to lower risk tiers of the State and the return to campus activities that started on March 29. Orange County moved to the Orange (Moderate) tier on March 31 which increases occupancy limits inside rooms (including research labs, studios, workshops) to 50% as outlined in the March 29 and March 30 return to campus announcements.

Description of Phase 3 Research and Creative Activities

Phase 3 research and creative activities will include all Phase 1 and 2 activities (Laboratory, Human Subjects, Animal Studies, Fieldwork) and add the following:

  • Use of offices, library, and archives using social distancing, face covering and hand washing protocols
  • Meetings that are online or, if in person, in a conference room that can accommodate everyone with physical distancing and 50% capacity for a limited time period.
  • Library use that follows identified policies and procedures.
  • Human Subjects Research
    • New on‐campus research activities where risk can be mitigated to minimal level and has no direct benefit to study participants
    • Community/ Field‐based research where risk can be mitigated to minimal level and has no direct benefit to study participants
  • Animal Studies not included in Phase 1 and 2 and are supported as part of vivarium expansion space capacity
  • Indoor activities that require increased physical exertion and frequent movement, such as exercise classes and performing arts (e.g., dance, studio/stage), should have occupancy limits based on an allowance of 100 sq. ft. per person in the floor space available.

All students, staff and faculty will need to follow Chapman guidance for returning to campus.

Transition to Phase 3

All activities approved under Phase 1 and 2 will continue according to the Site Specific Plans. New Phase 3 activities (Laboratory, Human Subjects Research, Animal Studies and Fieldwork) will need to have an approved Site Specific Plan. This Plan will be submitted to the appropriate Dean and Vice President for Research for review and approval.

In the event that public health officials reinstate public health directives, research activities may need to rapidly ramp down to Phase 2 or Phase 1 on little or no notice.