Planning in Response to Potential Increase in OC Restrictions

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We are closely monitoring the current uptick of COVID-19 cases in Orange County. The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) projects that we are on pace to return to the PURPLE tier on Gov. Newsom’s 4-tier county risk level sometime around Thanksgiving. This would be the highest risk level identified in California, meaning Chapman would need to roll back the recent increase in the on-campus population. We have always been committed to providing an in-person experience for our students based on local and state health agency guidance, and if these authorities no longer deem it safe, we will adjust as needed.

What it would mean if we roll back to the PURPLE tier in late November:

  • Orange and Rinker campuses would return to the limited instruction and limited onsite presence that was in place prior to Orange County moving to the RED tier in October. Academic deans and faculty would communicate additional details based on their academic program.
  • For students traveling during Thanksgiving break, it is optional to return to the campus for those who may not have in-person instruction. All courses (minus the limited in-person courses that were meeting before October) will be available for remote instruction; therefore, students should decide for themselves if they want to return to campus knowing in-person instruction could be canceled at any time.
  • All faculty would remain designated as essential staff, meaning faculty can access on-campus facilities and offices if needed, but this is not required.
  • Staff and administrators who were deemed “essential” in March 2020 will remain on campus with no change. These staff and administrators are required to continue working onsite.
  • Almost all of the staff and administrators recently recalled to campus (beginning Oct. 5, 2020, to present) would resume remote work status. Do not make any assumptions: Please coordinate with your supervisor to determine whether you will remain onsite or switch to remote work.

The health and safety of our campus communities are our top priority and we will keep you informed as this situation evolves. Currently, we remain in the RED tier and operations are continuing as they have been for the past several weeks. While no adjustments are needed at this time, we should all be planning for the likely scenario that Orange County restrictions will increase as COVID-19 cases increase. I also ask that you remain diligent in following the CU Safely Back protocols both on and off campus as we all work to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Tuesday Updates, November 10, 2020 

  • Thanksgiving break is fast approaching. Because there will be no students on campus during that full week, faculty and non-essential staff are encouraged to work remotely Monday, Nov. 23 through Wednesday, Nov. 25.  Essential staff will continue working onsite.  Supervisors are asked to coordinate with their recently recalled staff to allow remote work for all those who are able to.
  • Increased verification of daily health screening emails is taking place on campus. Those who fail to complete the new COVID-19 test during their assigned week will be removed from the daily health screening emails. As part of our compliance enforcement, we are increasing periodic checks of students, faculty and staff on campus to verify that they have the daily email. I encourage you to stay compliant with your surveillance testing assignment, and to keep your daily health screening confirmation email available when you are on campus.