Possible Return to In-Person Instruction Following Spring Break

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Update From President Struppa, February 9, 2021

While COVID-19 continues to spread through this country and around the world, there are signs of it slowing in California, and we’re seeing improvement in Orange County. Our goal remains to provide the best possible education to our students through this crisis, and return to in-person instruction as soon as we’re able. We also want to be sensitive to the need for advanced notice if we do anticipate being able to provide a classroom experience. With that in mind, we are hopeful to return to providing both virtual and in-person instruction immediately following Spring Break, if the Orange County Health Care Agency approves and we are in the RED tier of Gov. Newsom’s 4-tiered system. We will not require in-person instruction to be available prior to Spring Break, even if we move to RED sooner, to better allow for the necessary planning needed to begin classroom work, although faculty will have the option to provide it.

Spring Break for those in spring semester will happen as scheduled Mon. – Sat., March 22-27. We strongly discourage travel outside of Southern California during this break. For those that do, we will ask that you self-quarantine for 10-days immediately following the travel to limit any possible exposure within the Chapman community. This would require virtual instruction to continue until the completion of the self-quarantine.

The situation with COVID-19 changes rapidly so we will keep you updated as our planning progresses.

CU Safely Back Updates, February 9, 2021

  • For supervisors of staff, assuming we are able to return to campus after Spring Break, we will likely do so in California’s Red Tier. Consistent with our October 2020 recall-to-campus, our goal remains to keep the staff population on campus low, however, please begin assessing your on-campus staffing needs to support our students and faculty and begin preparing your team NOW for their return to campus on March 29.
  • Weekly COVID-19 Testing is required: The testing locations and schedules are posted on the CU Safely Back website. A test is needed every week and can be taken any day of the week within the days/hours of the Chapman testing sites. If a negative test is not recorded weekly, key card access to campus buildings will be suspended.
  • The Vaccine Distribution Task Force is currently working to define the prioritization of vaccine distribution within the Chapman community if we are able to secure a supply. We have applied to the county for a supply we can distribute within the Chapman faculty, staff and students, although we will be held to the strict distribution system established by the state. We strongly encourage those eligible for vaccination to visit a local distribution location and not wait for Chapman’s supply, which is not guaranteed. You can also contact your insurance company. Kaiser Permanente, for example, has information available if are a Kaiser member, or contact the VA Long Beach if you are a Veteran. You can also check this site to see when vaccines become available at a local pharmacy.

As always, the CU Safely Back website remains current with information on campus access and testing, and we will be adding vaccine information this week. Please visit the site regularly to remain current with how Chapman is managing COVID-19 within our community.