Post-Break Guidance for Faculty

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From the Office of Provost Bouchard on December 29, 2022:

The Chapman campus will close to non-essential staff for the week following Winter Break. Faculty will begin the Interterm session and instruction for Fowler Law and our Rinker campus programs on January 3, 2022 remotely for one week and a new testing protocol will be in place. Faculty and students will return to in-classroom instruction on January 10, 2022.


Chapman faculty, along with students and staff, are required to receive two negative COVID-19 tests either on-campus or submit two negative COVID-19 test results from an external provider while working remotely during this week, with a minimum of 24 hours between tests.

Results from tests taken at the Chapman University testing sites will be automatically entered into the University’s test submission system. If you test at Chapman, you do not to to upload your results.


Only essential staff will be allowed on campus during the week of January 3rd. Campus facilities will be closed to non-essential faculty, staff and students while we complete the one-week testing cycle after the start of each academic term. Faculty members seeking access to campus for ongoing research should send requests through their college dean. The campus will reopen on Monday, January 10, 2022, to all faculty, staff and students. You must have two negative tests on record with Chapman prior to returning to campus.


Faculty access to campus

  • All faculty and staff who need to make a one-time visit to campus to gather work materials and/or a computer to work remotely must complete the Visitor Daily Screen prior to accessing campus each time, since the normal daily screening emails will be turned off during this week.

  • Faculty needing access to teach remotely from a classroom should contact me at and

  • Faculty do not need to complete the Visitor Daily Screen if they are only coming to campus to get their COVID test.


Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will need to immediately isolate and follow our COVID-19 protocols. Our Student Health Center staff and the contact-tracing team will work with you to understand the requirements and limit any exposure to members of the community.


The new testing protocol and mandatory one-week remote instruction will be in place for the first week of the Interterm and the Spring trimester and the first week of the Spring semester only. Faculty should plan to resume in-person instruction the second week of the term.

  • Interterm (Orange campus) and Spring trimester (Rinker campus) – remote instruction January 3-7.

  • Fowler School of Law Spring Semester – remote instruction January 10-14.

  • Spring semester (Orange campus) – remote instruction January 31-February 4.

Students who are in isolation due to testing positive, or who are in quarantine due to being a close contact, should be accommodated at the faculty member’s discretion. All other students must return to the classroom for classes.


Tools and strategies for remote instruction and student support are available to faculty at the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning site. The following sites offer resources for teaching remotely and building engaging digital classroom environments.