Protocol for Positive COVID-19 Cases

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All positive COVID-19 cases are immediately reported to the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA). Chapman will make every effort to identify and isolate positive cases, contact trace, test and quarantine or isolate necessary contacts.

1) A member of Chapman’s internal COVID-19 tracing team will perform internal contact tracing for campus community members who test positive for COVID-19. They have received a certificate of completion in contact tracing and are collaborating with OCHCA for contact tracing. As of September 6, 2021, the internal tracing team will be supported by Rapid-Trace.

If a student tests positive at Student Health Services, those test results are sent to a contact tracer, who contacts the student to determine the infectious period, the places on campus the student has been and which students, staff and faculty they have been in contact with during that time. 

Once the student’s locations and contacts on campus have been determined, a potential exposure notification is issued to all staff, faculty and students in compliance with California Assembly Bill 685 and the COVID dashboard is updated. If the student was in campus classrooms or other campus communal spaces, a “low-exposure” notice is sent out to students who have been in those locations. 

Additionally, “close contacts” (closer than 6-feet apart, for at least 15 minutes over the course of one day) are contacted by contact tracers and may be asked questions about vaccination status and symptoms. Unvaccinated individuals are required to follow quarantine protocols. Fully vaccinated individuals (with all doses administered and at least 14 days following their last dose) who are not experiencing any symptoms are not required to quarantine. They are advised to monitor for any symptoms and have a follow-up test completed 3-5 days following their exposure.

2) If the individual lives in Chapman housing, the student should also immediately contact the Residence Life staff member on duty by calling Public Safety at 714-997-6763. Depending on the circumstances, a student will self-isolate in their room, self-isolate in another Chapman housing room, or complete their isolation in a hotel room provided by the University. If they have a roommate, staff will strongly encourage the student to notify their roommate(s) so that Residence Life staff can also support these students. Contact tracers also confirm residential student status (isolation, quarantine, etc.) with Residence Life staff as quickly as possible.

3) Once the contact tracer has determined the individual’s infectious period, they work with the individual to determine all campus buildings the individual occupied during that period. All employees who were potentially exposed will receive a notification through the Chapman COVID-dashboard. The notification will contain information about the potential exposure as well as COVID-19-related benefits available to the employee.

  • Guidance for faculty: In addition to the potential exposure notice in the Daily Health Survey email, faculty will receive reporting on students who haven’t met the preliminary requirements to be on campus. Faculty are not required to notify students of low exposure and should not share individual student health information.

For any classroom accessed by an infected individual during the infectious period, the class roster, including the faculty member, will be notified of the positive case and low exposure.

  • Per the OCHCA, a low-exposure for purposes of the student notification means that a person with COVID-19 was present in a building or classroom and the risk of developing a COVID infection from this exposure is low. They are not a confirmed “close contact.”
  • Guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated students who receive a low-exposure notification: No action is necessary beyond monitoring for symptoms.

4)  Per CDC guidelines, an individual diagnosed with COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, regardless of vaccination status, can return to class after:

  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared AND
  • 24 hours with no fever AND
  • Symptoms improved AND
  • Have received clearance from contact tracing staff.

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