Requirements and Protocols for Admitted Students Visiting Orange Campus

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Chapman University recently began allowing admitted students and their families (up to two members) to visit the Orange Campus for a self-guided tour. You can learn more about this opportunity on our Self-guided Tours webpage.

Chapman faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community should note that:

  • All admitted students visiting campus must register before attending and agree to follow the university’s safety requirements and protocols.
  • In addition, admitted students and guests must remain outside during their visit and limit their tour to one hour.
  • All registrants and guests must complete a daily health screening survey the day of their visit. 
  • The Office of Admission is not currently providing campus tours. Instead, admitted students and guests will be able to use a mobile app for tour routes and to hear from current students.
  • Any updates to the policy or procedures for self-guided tours for campus visitors will be posted on our self-guided tours page.

There is no need or expectation for any faculty, staff or students to meet with any admitted students/families during their visit. Though of course, please feel free to greet any that you see (while following our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Office of Admission.