Rinker Campus: Building Entry and Exit Log Procedure

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As another safety step during the pandemic, to have the ability to do contact tracing, if needed, we have a log system used throughout the campus. While it will take time for us all to learn and make this a habit, please comply with using the log system. We hope the records will never be needed, but if we do need them, they will supply substantial protection of our community.

The Chapman University Rinker Campus has implemented a system to log faculty/staff/student or all other building users upon entry and exit from each door in every building. Instead of the paper log sheet we have used to this point, where it would be necessary to touch the log and associated writing equipment, please follow these steps upon entering or exiting each building. (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY):

  1. Scan, using your cell phone’s camera or other QR code reader, the QR code on the door to the building you want to enter. There is a web site associated with each QR-code, and scanning prevents the need to type it.
  2. It will take you to a survey where you enter your last name then first name. Once you do that, click submit (a log will be made of the time and your name).
  3. When you leave the building, repeat steps 1 and 2.

If your phone is not capable of scanning a QR code, you can enter the web address. If you bookmark the website for each building, you can simply use this bookmark each time to log your entry and exit a building.

Make sure you are using the link for the building you are entering/exiting as each building has a unique link:

Thank you for your cooperation with the CU Safely Back plan.