Staff FAQs

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What should I do if someone is not practicing mask/face shield or social distancing protocols?

Please follow the published guidance in this regards.

Staff and administrators alleged to not have followed University policies regarding wearing a face covering, social distancing, or other COVID related policies may be subject to discipline as outlined in the Staff and Administrative Handbook.

What should I do if a staff member comes to work without completing the self-attestation?

Require the staff member to complete the self-attestation immediately. Encourage the staff member to set up a daily reminder, if necessary, to remember the self-attestation. Repeated failure to complete the self-attestation can result in disciplinary action.

As a supervisor, will I have access to my employees' health self-attestations, aka daily health survey?

No. Self-attestations contain personal health information that is protected. Cleared employees will receive a clearance email that can be shown to the supervisor. In the alternate, supervisors can require all on-campus employees to show their self-attestation clearance email upon arrival.

What is my obligation if an employee discloses personal medical information to me?

If you are the employee’s supervisor, advise the employee that they are not required to disclose personal medical information and offer them the opportunity to stop. Some employees do not mind sharing medical information. In all situations, treat the information in strictest confidence and do not share or repeat it with anyone. Advise the employee that you will be notifying HR, consistent with Chapman safety protocols.

Can I require staff who call out sick to disclose their medical condition to me as their supervisor?

No, you cannot require staff to disclose personal health information. If you are concerned, please contact Employee Relations for additional guidance.

What should I do if an employee informs me that they have a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis?

If you are the employee’s supervisor, advise the employee to remain at home. All positive tests must promptly be reported to Human Resources, so immediately contact Tim Frenchcampbell in HR for additional guidance. If the employee is already on campus, send the employee home and report to Tim Frenchcampbell in Human Resources, who will provide additional guidance. If you are not the employee’s supervisor, immediately contact his/her supervisor for further action.

If someone calls out sick with respiratory symptoms and a fever, should I tell others who came into contact with that individual?

No. You should contact Employee Relations, who can coordinate with Student Health Services any notification and mitigation strategies for potentially exposed individuals.

What happens if an employee is sick but states they need to come to work because they do not have enough accrued time off to cover their absences?

If they have COVID symptoms, advise them that they cannot come to work. Refer them to Student Health Services for screening and support. Also advise them that you will notify Tim Frenchcampbell in Human Resources and that he will contact them directly to discuss options.

Am I responsible for providing sanitation supplies for my team?

No. Chapman Facilities Management will be distributing personal sanitization products for employee use. In addition, hand sanitizing stations will be erected across campus to promote good hygiene. Contact Facilities Management if your office needs a refill of supplies.

What type of leave are student employees eligible for if they become sick?

Student employees are not eligible for sick leave. However, the student may require academic support if they miss classes. Please refer the student to Student Health Services for screening and support.

Do I need a parking permit if I am going back to work on (either) campus?

Yes. You will need to register your car and obtain the new parking permit as detailed in the Registering for Annual Parking Permits post.