Staff Returning to Campus: Key Updates To Assist You In Your Preparations

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Message from the Office of the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Brian K. Powell sent to All Staff on September 30, 2020

It has been almost 7 months since we flipped to remote learning and remote working environments.  During that time, we have been incredibly active, significantly investing in detailed return to campus preparations.  These preparations – along with falling rates of COVID-19 infections in Orange County – have prepared us for next week when we welcome back graduate students on October 5th.

Some of the critical steps taken to ensure your well-being include:

  • Chapman has invested millions in heightened cleaning standards and sanitization programs as part of the CU Safely Back initiative.
  • Chapman is one of the few campuses in Southern California to have ongoing access to COVID-19 testing kits delivered to the homes of all campus community members (students, faculty, and staff) at no cost to you.  In addition, rapid testing is also available in our Student Health Center.
  • Chapman has adopted stringent protocols to ensure safe and effective distancing, further enhanced by protective coverings and protective shieldings and by daily health attestations to maintain vigilance.
  • Chapman continues to discourage visitors and continues to restrict access to campus facilities to only Chapman ID holders in order to reduce foot traffic and density.
  • Chapman has installed checkpoints and temperature stations to actively monitor the health and well-being of the campus community.

We are committed to your health and well-being.  As such, during the Fall 2020 term we will continue our efforts to maintain reduced staffing levels onsite.  For many staff and administrators, this means that you will continue working remotely during the Fall term.  Notwithstanding, the return of graduate and undergraduate students – likely in reduced numbers – will require the return of staff and administrators who provide direct-facing student support, particularly if you work in one of our 11 schools and colleges:

For Staff and Administrators working in Schools & Colleges:  those of you providing direct graduate student services, as identified by your Dean, will be recalled to campus starting October 5th.  Those of you providing direct undergraduate student services, as identified by your Dean, will be recalled to campus approximately two weeks later.  Conversations and planning should begin now so that you know your recall status. 

For Staff and Administrators who do not work in Schools & Colleges:  in addition to our Essential Service employees (those who have remained on campus since March), President Struppa has recalled all members of Senior Staff and all degree-granting Deans effective October 5th.  In addition, those employees providing direct student services, as identified by your department head, will be recalled to campus starting October 5thHere, too, conversations and planning should begin now so that you know your recall status.

As you prepare to return to campus, please remember that you must take a COVID-19 test, complete COVID-19 training, and complete the daily health attestation.  Please visit our CU Safely Back webpage for all return to campus processes.

Our CU Safely Back plan is comprehensive and aligns with state and CDC guidance for institutes of higher education.   Consistent with state and federal guidance, if you are an employee who is 65+ years of age, and/or you are an employee at higher risk for COVID-19 infection, you qualify for a remote work exception under the COVID-19 protocols.  Please review the Workplace Accommodations available on the Office of Human Resources webpage.  If you are a caregiver, you may qualify for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Please contact Tim Frenchcampbell, Wellness and Leaves Specialist, in the Office of Human Resources for additional information.