Team Responsible for Resocialization Process for Athletics

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Collegiate sport is intimately tied to a college education. In other words, NCAA student-athletes are first and foremost students. While the structure of typical student life may evolve over time, and while student-athletes — like other students who are pursuing passions beyond the traditional classroom — invest intensely in the development of their unique skills, being a student is and will continue to be an essential function of being a student-athlete. 

Thus, the resocialization of collegiate sports must be grounded in the resocialization of the college campus. Athletics and sports medicine programs must ensure department policies, procedures and communications regarding COVID-19 align with institutional, CDC, federal, state, county or local public health guidelines and requirements. Chapman proposes to undertake several mitigation measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining the health and safety of its student-athletes, opponents, coaches, staff and spectators. 

A team has been assembled to evaluate federal guidelines, as well as state, local and university mandates and protocols to safely resume athletics in what will likely be a staged approach.