Updates to Vaccine Information and Planning for March 29 Return

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I am aware that the vaccination process in California is confusing, and changing on a regular basis. We are fortunate to have Chapman School of Pharmacy Professor & Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Jeff Goad involved at both a county and state level, along with Student Health Director Jaqueline Deats and Public Safety Chief Randy Burba who are working almost daily with the Orange County Health Care Agency. Their work is keeping us connected and informed, but they also are advocates for the needs of higher education in our region.

I want to share some highlights based on their work, but please know this is an ever-changing situation so this information could change:

  • Be patient — vaccine supply will increase soon. Even though K-12 and the underserved areas of Santa Ana and Anaheim are a priority, you WILL get an appointment soon, and many from Chapman are. Register at Othena.com or MyTurn.ca.gov or any of the pharmacy websites (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and now Albertsons).
  • It is suggested you take the first vaccine offered to you as soon as it’s offered, knowing that each vaccine is highly effective against hospitalization and death.
  • Some locations, such as some mini-PODs set up by the Orange County Department of Education, issued “codes” to teachers to sign up for vaccination through Othena. Unfortunately, those codes were put out on the internet fairly quickly, so most are going away from that model. Chapman does not have a code to provide.
  • Additional information is available on the COVID-19 Vaccination page. 

CU Safely Back Updates, March 5, 2021

  • As we prepare to return to in-person instruction on March 29, this website outlines the process to gain and maintain access to campus facilities, and is updated to provide easy access to COVID-19 testing and vaccination information. For staff, steps to access campus include: requesting access to campus (this is required again if you have not accessed campus since November), taking the COVID-19 online training, and completion of COVID-19 test (available on campus). Upon completion of those steps, you will receive key card access to your building and begin receiving a daily symptoms survey that must be filled out. The daily CLEAR email you will receive if you report no symptoms will be necessary to access campus. This process takes time so please begin early to be prepared for March 29. To return to campus on March 29 you need to complete your COVID test during the prior week of March 22. Plan accordingly.
  • The Outdoor Gathering Spaces locations are being altered due to utilization. The current locations can be found on the online map. We will continue to closely monitor demand for these areas and will add more gathering spaces if the utilization increases.