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COVID Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This list will be updated as new questions come in. To submit a question, please visit our contact page.

Does Chapman health insurance, UnitedHealthcare, cover COVID-19 expenses?

Yes. United Healthcare does cover COVID-19 expenses

How can I get my insurance card?

The card in on the UHC insurance web page. Go to their site and make an account and you may print it or take an image of your card from there.  You may also access UHC’s website through our Student Health Center website.

What should I do when I feel sick outside Chapman Student Health Center working hours?

  1. CHOC/COVID 24/7 Nurse Hotline (844) 438-2462
  2. 24/7 Carenet Nurse Hotline (TBA)

What if I do not have any relatives or friends to take me to COVID test center, what should I do?

Contact the Student Health Center at (714) 997-6851

Where should I go for COVID-19 diagnostic test or regular doctor’s visit? Can I go to see any doctors in my area?

The Student Health Center, please call to schedule an appointment (714) 997-6851

If needed, we can refer you to specialists

If I test positive for COVID-19, do I need to inform anyone?

If you were tested and confirmed positive by someplace other than the Student Health Center, please contact the Student Health Center and we will provide guidance.

If you were tested at the Student Health Center and confirmed positive, the Student Health Center will contact you with guidance.

Chapman University Internal Contact Tracer:

Contact: Karen Beam, RN

Phone: 657-348-1340

If I am tested positive for COVID-19, what support do I have?

The Student Health Center will provide support and guidance. We have Health & Safety Specialist who will reach out to you to make sure your essential needs are being met.

What should I do if I feel very stressed and need help?

Contact Student Psychological Counseling Services at (714) 997-6778.

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