Protocol on Large Gatherings  

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Large gatherings are defined as any approved, non-classroom, socially distanced, in-person gatherings of 50 participants or greater.

During the Fall 2020 semester, nearly all Large Gatherings will ​not be permitted to take place. ​ If an event is core to Chapman’s mission and able to take place in a safe manner for all participants, event organizers will need to submit an application for an exception to be decided on by the CU Safely Back Executive Committee.

If a gathering is approved, event organizers will be required to demonstrate they are able to provide a safe environment for all parties involved including contact tracing, social distancing, health screening, face coverings, and sanitization.

Examples of Mission Critical events include:

  • Curriculum
  • Athletics
  • Core Interfaith
  • Core Advancement
  • Core Student Life
  • Core Student Services
  • Admissions
  • Recruitment

While Chapman had hoped to host commencement for the class of 2020 in late summer, restrictions on large gathering are still in place. Chapman leadership continues to monitor the situation and will update everyone about commencement plans as soon as we can safely do so.

*As of June 17, 2020, Chapman University has determined that only students, faculty, and staff will be allowed on campus during Fall 2020. Events targeted toward external audiences are all, by default, virtual.


  • Onsite Hy-Flex & Virtual – High Production:​ These events will be supported by trained university-wide “Super Users” and produced in dedicated high-production centers on a versatile, advanced software platform. Events in this category will be priced per participant. If approved, event organizers will work with a trained “Super User” to execute their event.​ Applications will be required.
  • Onsite & Remote Virtual – Medium Production:​ These events will be supported by trained department-level specialists with hosting credentials and produced in available department spaces with available equipment on an enhanced Zoom Conferences platform. ​No application is required.
  • Onsite & Remote Virtual – Self-Sufficient:​ These events are totally self-sufficient and reliant upon the individual hosts to know and understand the basic university tools for virtual meetings. They will be conducted using Chapman’s Zoom Basic and Microsoft Teams softwares. ​No application is required.

Event organizers hosting official Chapman University events, in-person or virtual, that require ticketing or reservation services should utilize the Ticketing Services department for these needs.


  • Event organizers will submit their highest priority events via an online form within 25Live for consideration by the Executive Committee. Organizers must be able to explain why their event, in-person or virtual, is Mission Critical and provide a calculated estimate of required resources.

The Executive Committee will review the application and approve or deny the event.

    • IN-PERSON: Organizer uses the safety checklist to ensure required safety protocols are in place. ​All applicable items must be checked prior to the start of the event.
    • VIRTUAL: Organizer will work with an approved “Super User” to execute the event.
    • IN-PERSON: Organizer will be encouraged to postpone the event or consider self-sufficient virtual options.
    • VIRTUAL: Organizer will be encouraged to look at self-sufficient virtual options.

Download the Approved Gatherings Safety Checklist PDF
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